Child Abuse
Toddler’s horrific abuse and death leads to second arrest
Posted June 16th, 2009

A toddler who went through unimaginable pain and agony before she died from severe abuse at the hands of her caregiver, encouraged police to arrest another adult in the house for failing to seek out medical attention or report the abuse. This is definitley a step in the right direction for justice for child abuse victims.

The baby was being cared for by the family because the mother had custody revoked for some other form of abuse, which DCFS says is fairly common for a mother to dole out her children to various “friends” after their parenting rights have been revoked.

Cyleste Gonzales spent her last days in agony with a broken arm, a perforated intestine and bruises covering her little body, authorities say.

Her legal guardian, Sarah Mascorro Sifuentes, knew the 22-month-old was in pain but never took Cyleste to a doctor, authorities say. The child died Oct. 26 at a West Side apartment in the 2400 block of Oakhill Road.

Early Monday morning, authorities arrested Sifuentes, 31, and charged her with injury to a child by omission for failing to get Cyleste medical attention. Sifuentes was booked into Bexar County Jail, with bond set at $100,000.


Mom allegedly punishes newborn by suffocating him to death
Posted June 16th, 2009

A mother who is being accused of suffocating her newborn infant with her hands admits that she killed her baby because she didn’t feel like feeding him again and wanted to stop his crying for milk. How lazy is that??? You would think it took more energy to kill the poor baby than it would have been to feed him.

The mother has 4 other children who have since been removed from the home. Good thing since their mom will likely spend many years in prison if this baby is to ever find justice.

The father of the murdered infant returned home from an errand to find his son dead and was apparently devastated.

A monstrous Brooklyn mom confessed to smothering her 9-week-old son with her bare hands because she couldn’t stand his screams for food, police sources and neighbors said Monday.

Shaquana Bennett, 34, told neighbors she had fed her infant son, Tuquan, early Sunday morning.

He wanted to eat again at 4 p.m. and wouldn’t keep still.


Mother accused of sexually abusing her child on the Internet
Posted June 16th, 2009

Okay, how messed up is this?

A 30 year old mother is accused of sexually molesting her baby on web-cam in an Internet porn sting. She has 4 children ranging from ages 18 months to 5 years old. It hasn’t been disclosed what she did to her child in order to be charged with “gross sexual assault” but we’re sure it’s something that will undoubtedly cause everlasting damage to those poor children. This is physical and emotional torture and exploitation of children and this woman deserves nothing less than never seeing the light of day again. What a sad, sad woman.

A mother of four young children in Maine was charged Monday with gross sexual assault after British investigators more than 3,000 miles away used the Internet to allegedly catch her in the act of Webcasting a sexual assault of her young child.

Julie M. Carr, 30, of Mars Hill, Maine, was arrested at about 11 p.m. Friday. Her four children — believed to range from 18 months to 5 years old — were taken into protective custody.


Toddler dies of abuse days after DCFS dismisses allegations
Posted June 14th, 2009

How incompetent does The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services have to be to dismiss allegations of abuse against little Ruben Ramirez, only to have the toddler die of abuse and torture at the hands of his acquitted caregivers.

It’s bull.

WHITTIER – The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services investigated a report last year that 18-month-old Ruben Ramirez was being abused and neglected. It later ruled the allegations as inconclusive and closed the case Oct. 28, 2008.

Six days later, the Whittier toddler was dead.

Coroner’s officials said someone hit and kicked Ruben, resulting in multiple blunt-force trauma. His Nov. 3 death was ruled a homicide. The Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, which is investigating the killing, has not yet made any arrests.


Toddler brain dead after boyfriend drops her on concrete
Posted June 10th, 2009

A mother’s boyfriend evidentally went crazy on a 2-year old toddler and tortured her to the point where she is now brain dead with skull fractures and various other assaults — all because she was crying. Family members claim that the boyfriend also hit the mother. Not sure what the mother expected from this dirt bag.

The boyfriend is an illegal alien.

A 2-year-old girl is on life support and her mother’s boyfriend in custody after he allegedly admitted throwing the baby onto a concrete floor because she was crying.

Josefa Talavara was admitted to the hospital Saturday, and both her mother and the mother’s boyfriend initially told police that she fell down. Doctors later found cigarette burns and bruising on her arms, legs, neck, back and face.


Mother allegedly delivers fatal blow to her infant son
Posted June 10th, 2009

Na-aisha Riley, a 21 year old, New York mother is being accused of punching her 7 month old baby so hard — it killed him. Later, she tried to blame it on her boyfriend who reportedly tried to save the baby.

The baby’s middle name is “Obama” and goes by that name because he was born on election day. Hopefully this isn’t the kind of “Hope and Change” the President had in mind.

He died Monday afternoon after cops found him at her boyfriend’s Bronx home, unresponsive and unconscious.

“She just lost it,” said a police source.

The medical examiner ruled Tuesday that Cashmere died of whiplash and shaking and blunt trauma to the head, a spokeswoman said.

Riley confessed yesterday to punching her 18 1/2-pound, 27-inch long baby, police sources said. She was charged with second-degree murder and assault.


Man accused of sodomizing and abusing infant; infant dies
Posted June 7th, 2009

A 17 year old man is accused of raping, sodomizing and breaking multiple bones of an 8 month old baby boy. The baby died.

Police say the autopsy report also noted multiple fractures throughout the body consistent with that of a beating. The child also had tears in the anus.

According to Normand, Ross initially told detectives the infant fell down the stairs while he was babysitting the child and stopped breathing.

Investigators say that a neighbor had heard loud noises coming from the apartment where the baby was later found dead.


Mother killed newborn baby with piece of crib
Posted June 5th, 2009

Most normal people would pick up a crying infant and try to sooth them, unless you’re Lori Beth Workman, who picks up a piece of wood from a crib and beats the newborn to death. The baby suffered in the hospital for over a month before he died.

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A western Pennsylvania woman is in jail on charges she fatally beat her 3-month-old son with a piece of a crib she was assembling last August.

Uniontown police say 25-year-old Lori Beth Workman fractured her baby’s skull and inflicted other injuries when she became upset that he wouldn’t stop crying. Police say she told them she concealed the beating from her husband because she was afraid he’d get mad at her.


Boyfriend breaks both toddlers arms and inflicts cigarette burns
Posted June 4th, 2009

It’s a no-brainer that the boyfriend should get life in prison for heinously torturing a 2 year old girl, but the mother isn’t being charged for any crimes. While she wasn’t home, can’t she be charged for putting her baby in harms way? I know she can’t be charged for being stupid, but couldn’t the courts argue that this type of thing doesn’t just happen out of the blue. The mother do doubtedly knew that this guy was a real jerk and left her baby in his care anyway.

John Bujak, Canyon County prosecutor, says Mario Gonzalez, 23, burned the girl 15 times on her toe with a cigarette. He apparently harmed the child because he was frustrated that she wouldn’t stop crying.

He also hit her head several times, broke both of her arms and punched her in the stomach, officials say. Gonzalez is the boyfriend of the toddler’s mother.


Mother puts feces in toddler’s feeding tube
Posted June 4th, 2009

A mother was caught on tape in her toddler’s hospital room room, putting feces in her daughter’s feeding tube. The whole reason the baby had a feeding tube in the first place — the toddler kept getting mysterious infections. Hmmm. Wonder why?

She has two other children, 6 and 4 years old as well.

Her attorney claims that she loves her children very much. Funny, I didn’t think love manifested itself into attempted murder and torture. Hopefully society never becomes accustomed to these acts of severe abuse against children and gives the mo’ life!

AUSTIN, Texas — A woman in Texas has been accused of repeatedly smearing human waste on her 3-year-old daughter’s intravenous feeding line, potentially causing life-threatening infections.

Emily Beth McDonald, 23, of Austin, was charged with felony injury to a child. She faces up to life in prison if convicted.

According to an arrest affidavit, a surveillance video at Dell Children’s Medical Center captured McDonald on Sunday placing feces from a soiled diaper on the cap of a tube with a direct link to her child’s bloodstream.


Man suffocates baby with her soiled diaper
Posted June 3rd, 2009

A man, who was a frequent babysitter of 2 year old girl, has been charged with murder after he stuffed her soiled diaper into her mouth.

Police say Melendez-Reynoso was babysitting the toddler with his girlfriend, who had for years watched the toddler and her two brothers, when Ivette soiled her diaper.

“She started crying,” Paggi said. “He became angry and took the diaper that the baby soiled on and suffocated her.


Baby tortured by father; has missing teeth
Posted June 3rd, 2009

A 1 year old, baby girl has been extensive injuries resulting from alleged torture and abuse at the hands of her father…

Jasmin Standifer, 22, was held today on $25,000 bond at the Hamilton County jail on one count of child endangering.

Police say he abused the baby so badly at a residence in the 2700 block of Erlene Drive, the infant required hospitalization.

The baby also will need follow-up medical and dental care.

It isn’t clear this morning exactly what Standifer is accused of doing to the infant, although records indicate she has missing teeth.


Father charged with abusing baby, fracturing her skull
Posted June 3rd, 2009

A 2 month old infant was taken to the hospital with numerous injuries including a skull fracture, resulting in alleged, ongoing abuse…

ERIE, Pa. – A northwestern Pennsylvania man has been charged with fracturing his infant daughter’s skull after doctors say her injuries couldn’t have happened when the child fell from the man’s knee, as he claimed.

Twenty-eight-year-old Cory Rankin, of Erie, is charged with aggravated assault, child endangerment and other crimes.


Woman brutally abuses adopted infant
Posted May 31st, 2009
You would think if one were to go through the laborious task of adopting – one would committed to extra care and love, but apparently that’s not the case with this witch of a woman who adopted a tiny little baby and then tortured him…

MUSCATINE, Iowa — A former Muscatine woman pleaded guilty Friday to shaking her adopted 2-month-old son in September 2007.

Melanie Addington, 31, sobbed after she quietly answered “guilty” to a reduced charge of child endangerment causing injury, a Class D felony.

She was originally charged with child endangerment causing serious injury, a Class C felony.

Her attorney John Wunder asked Addington to confirm a confession she made to police that she shook the boy at her apartment on Sept. 5, 2007, while he was wrapped in a blanket and then threw him into a bouncy chair.

“I’m sorry,” she cried.


Man goes to prison for child abuse
Posted May 30th, 2009

The man convicted is an Iraq war veteran and claims he was going through post traumatic stress disorder when he tortured this toddler. She may have permanent injuries. The man was given 5 years jail time which is the maximum sentence.

Police say Vivier was arrested after an 18-month-old girl was taken to a hospital on June 18 with extensive bruising to her face and fingernail marks on her neck. Police say doctors discovered the toddler had a spinal fracture and broken shoulder blade.

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